Corporate & Bulk Purchases
This is a procurement service dedicated to Corporates, Restaurants
Send us your procurement needs and get bulk prices.

To Make an Order in these regards, just fill the form provided below and enter the specific details of the product you intend to purchase, the name of your Estate also your address and be rest assured that we will contact you right back with information regarding your order while you enjoy the stipulated discounts attached to your Estate Purchase.

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Benefits of shopping with us

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Business selection

Widest Assortment: Shop from the widest assortment of office consumables and everyday essentials.
Authentic IT and Office Essentials: Toners, inks, white paper, envelopes, USB drives etc we stock only authentic essentials you need to make your business flourish.
Dedicated Account Manager: A specialist dedicated to serving all your needs.

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Business pricing

Business Bulk Pricing: Enjoy exclusive volume discounts on a wide range of items.
Request for Quotes: Email us your list of items and we will get back to you with availability and pricing.
Flat Delivery Rate: Pay ₦2,999 for one month of free deliveries or ₦999 only for one delivery irrespective of size of purchase.

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Business solution

Minimize Cash Handling: Minimize the risks that come with cash handling in an organization.
Track Your Spending: All your Wizshoppers invoices remain in your account so it’s easy to monitor and analyze your consumption.
Create Approvals: Customize your organizations’ approval workflows.


contact: info@wizshoppers.com

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What we can offer 

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Corporate Procurements

The society we live in currently is one in which everybody wants to acquire anything they want at the easiest way possible without spending money outrageously. At Wizshoppers.com, we have mapped out a plan that enables businesses and offices like yours, make purchases of office supplies and provisions in bulk from us, so as to help you save cost, save time enjoy quality discounts and get quality products.

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Hamper and Souvenir Delivery 

We acknowledge the fact that there are times beyond the festive seasons when you need to give some gifts, souvenirs, etc. to friends, business partners, families, colleagues or staff.  But getting these Hampers or gifts, sometimes can be tedious so we have provided you with a platform where purchases like this has been simplified.  On www.wizshoppers.

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Estate Purchase

In order to keep reiterating our promise to bring innovative means of online purchasing, we have brought up another sweet offer for you on www.wizshoppers.com. The Estate Shopping offer is made for estate dwellers and home owners (a minimum of 10 persons/homes) that wishes to register for a daily, weekly or monthly delivery of their favorite groceries, regular supermarket purchases or fruits at a discounted price.

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