Wizshoppers.com has also given our customers the opportunity to stay ahead of their purchases by taking advantage of the E-Wallet option on our website. Based on the situation of our country and the world in general, people are starting to live on strict budgets and these budgets include monthly allocation of money for groceries, toiletries, fueling, foodstuffs etc. So, with the E-Wallet option on wizshoppers.com, you can easily load your Wizshoppers wallet with the money allocated for groceries, toiletries, veggies and foodstuffs that can be gotten on our platform. This way, you get to make sure that the money is not laying around in your account such that you are tempted to do something else with it. With your E-wallet, you can easily make purchases on wizshoppers.com without going through the stress of making payment every time you transaction our platform.

We keep saying it, Wizshoppers is all about convenience and innovation.

  • Cash back system

This is a system reserved for shoppers registered such as Estate Shoppers, Corporate or Bulk purchases. This system gives you specific monetary returns on every single product you purchase on wizshoppers.com. Registering under any of the category above means you would have created a time table of steady purchase from us and due to this loyalty, we think it’s only reasonable of us to give you rebates on your purchases. The rebates are refunded into your Wizshoppers E-Wallet and it makes the money automatically available for your next or subsequent purchases.  Join any of our packages that suits you today and get instant cash back on your every purchase.

Is there any other shopping platform in Nigeria that gives you money back just because you shop with them? Wizshoppers is the only one capable of such generosity.