Discover the Largest selection of Milk in Lagos on Nigeria’s largest online supermarket at Wizshoppers. Babies need nutrition at the early stages of their lives because their digestive tracts cannot fully digest solid foods, liquid becomes their very first form of food. For proper growth, babies need antibodies in the breastmilk, which can reduce various diseases and infections. These antibodies can also be retained and boosted with special formula products for toddlers like (Hollandia full cream, Olden burger full cream, peak instant full cream and Dano full cream powdered) milk Drink \. Milk drinks are beneficial to our health and growth as they contain protein, calcium, and vitamins that are essential nutrients for healthy growth in kids and adults. Taking a glass of milk every day boosts physical strength, mental abilities and brings about efficient performance and protection from foreign organisms in the body. Drinking milk after a meal also improves digestion in the Stomach. With lots of diary Products out there, at wizshoppers.  we provide you with the quality milk variety like full cream milk, light/low-fat milk, skimmed milk, almond milk, soymilk and much more from top milk brands like Peak Nigeria, Promisador Nigeria, Oldenburger Nigeria, Dano Milk, Hollandia Nigeria, Loya Milk, and much more, tested and trusted at affordable prices. Milk contains protein, zinc, vitamins, and calcium which all help to build up the immune systems when you drink at least a cup daily during meals or taking snacks. Whether Evaporated, Powdered or Condensed cream Milk, do not worry because wizshoppers provides you with Milk Drinks that have been processed through Pasteurization, Microfiltration, Creaming and Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT). Where to buy Milk in Nigeria? Buy Milk and Cream products Online and start enjoying the refreshing taste of natural milk. Browse online to buy Milk on wizshoppers with nutritional benefits like low fat and high calories in every glass. Buy Milk to support the small-scale dairy farms processing their milk locally. Buy Milk ideal for both children and adults. Buy Milk at the best prices in Nigeria, online at wizshoppers, enter your preferred location and choose the delivery time and any of our convenient payment methods to enjoy same-day delivery.

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