Wizshoppers.com is a customer focused business organization and as such, every policy we implement is always done with your convenience in mind. There are times when the purchase you made comes with complains that are entirely out of your control, should you have a case like that or any other cases, we are here to give you adequate attention to resolve the situation and ensure a continuous business relationship with you.

Should You Have The Need To Initiate A Return Order, Please Take Note of The Following:

  • Ensure that the product doesn’t get damaged by you or anyone connected to you before initiating the return.
  • Ensure that you initiate product return the very day you receive the product from the delivery agent or within the next 12 hours of purchase (weekends inclusive).
  • For wrong product delivery, please make sure the seal of the product has not been broken.

With the uncertainties that surrounds online shopping these days, we advise our customers to ensure that their purchase is suitable and in good condition before the delivery agent leaves their premises. This is to enable you get a faster replacement for the product purchased because after the agent leaves, the product will not be due for return (except for unique situations)