5 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Laptop.

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Before you decide to buy laptop online, you should know somethings. As technology progressed, Laptops became better and better in their functions. As a result, many brands started manufacturing laptops and its accessories. Some of these brands are considered as the top laptop brands in the world, while some are just steady in producing affordable alternatives for their customers.

1. Operating System.

For computers to operate at the capacity which they do, there is an important component required, we are of course talking about the operating system aka OS. Without an operating system, a computer cannot simply function. OS are of two types, the server OS and the everyday OS.

The top 5 available Everyday OS currently in use right now are: Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, Android, and Apple’s iOS.


2. Screen Size

The second important factor to be considered is the screen size of the laptop. Depending on your intended purpose, a laptop screen is supposed to be taken as important as much as the battery because the screen creates an easy navigation within the specific page you are working on. The various laptop screens we are quite multiple and range between 11″ to 17″ for laptops currently. The most common ones are 14″ & 15″. When making your decision, make sure you are choosing a screen size that will work well for you.


3. Processing Power

This is another very important aspect of a computer that most people don’t pay attention to. That is because they are not yet knowledgeable about that aspect yet. The processor of a system is what gives it the ability to accommodate all the pressure that is placed on it. The higher the processing power, the higher it can accommodate pressure from all the work you are doing on it.

The series of processors for laptops that exist are Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, Intel Core i9. These are the various available processors with Intel Celeron being the basic level and Intel Core i9 being the most advanced at this moment. Other processors include AMD Ryzen, Intel Xeon.


4. RAM Capacity

RAM for computers has evolved from the normal 1GB or 2GB that used to be available, now there are RAMs with high capacity up to 64GB. It is important for you to factor in the work rate that the laptop is expected to carry before deciding on the RAM capacity to go for. Bear in mind that the higher the RAM capacity, the easier it is to multi-task.

5. Storage Capacity

The one that has always been in use is the HDD. Due to various upgrades and discoveries computers are now enabled with SDD storage devices which are faster than the HDD. So in choosing your computer you need to decide which and how much space is available on them. Memory space varies from 32GB to over 2TB.


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