Grocery Shopping Online? This Post Is For You!

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Online grocery shopping can be such hectic and unreliable activities, especially in the Nigerian market. This isn’t different from the fact that series of unreliable platforms are parading themselves as what they are not. They also market products they don’t even have but for us at Wizshoppers the difference is clear. The credibility attached to our brand is important to us. We also want you to identify Wizshoppers as one of the most reliable online grocery shopping sites in Lagos, Nigeria.

Before making a purchase of such important items on any platform including Wizshoppers.com, endeavor to ask certain questions. Make sure you get answers to these questions. The questions listed below are vital to every grocery shopping you embark upon on the internet.

  • Can I trust that the fruits and vegetables are in superb condition?
  • Does this store have good customer reviews online?
  • Can I trust the quality of their fresh meat?
  • Is the driver going to be on time?
  • Can I trust the dated products are fresh?

At Wizshoppers, we answer YES to all the questions and you can also be certain we will get your purchase delivered to you right on schedule. We know that over 70% of the concerns that you have as shoppers are centered on the quality of the product being purchased. Hence, we are taking every step to ensure you are given a guarantee over the quality we provide. We understand that there are situations that happen unplanned or out of error, we take responsibility for every error in our path and we provide transparency in our actions.

Wizshoppers provide you with Three Different Guarantees which are:

  • Product Freshness Guarantee

We are certain to pick up the freshest or most suitable products on the farm in stock for you based on the request you have put in. We put in different processes of quality check to ensure due process is followed to make customer satisfaction our purpose.

  • Delivery Process Guarantee

The logistics and delivery of the product being ordered are another very important aspect of the entire purchase process. We understand the importance of freshness in groceries and fresh food shopping. This is why Wizshoppers is dedicated to providing an adequate delivery process for your products to get delivered to you in good condition.

  • Service Provision Guarantee

Another aspect of purchasing, especially online purchasing where you don’t have the freedom to haggle or negotiate the price of the product. On Wizshoppers.com we make these products available at the lowest prices. possible so we don’t scare you away from purchasing with us.

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Think Online Groceries Shopping, Think Wizshoppers.

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